How to produce in or with France ? – movie and TV production

How to produce in or with France ? – movie and TV production

You are currently working on an exciting project and there is something French in the script: a key location, a city, a region, a character (fictional or real). Or you know that your director or one of your stars has a large following in France and you want to benefit from this notoriety.

Maybe you’re developing an ambitious animated film, or a film that requires impressive special effects, so you’d like to work with some of France’s most creative studios.

In any case, you feel that you should partner with someone in France and figure out how to raise money from the French market. You can access the brand new TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Production) and save 30 % of your French expenditures.

Otherwise you can explore the CNC’s traditional system and set up a co-production with a French partner, which will label your project a “French qualified film” and may allow it to benefit from the available grants or incentives, the Sofica investments, regional supports, etc. This pretty much depends on each individual project.

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