regulatory function : film heritage

The CNC is the mandatory film depository. The legal deposit of films was introduced in France in 1977 for French films, while the law no. 92-546 of 20 June 1992 and the decree of 31 December 1993 expanded the collection to all films exhibited in France.
The heritage Code that became effective on 20 February 2004 updated the law no. 92-546 and governs legal deposit in France in its legislative aspects, whereas the decree of 31 December 1993 continues to govern its regulatory aspects.
The CNC directorate of the heritage of films and film-making collects and preserves films, constitutes and circulates national bibliographies and film records and manages their consultation by researchers.
The legal obligation to deposit films concerns French film producers and distributors of foreign films screened in cinemas, short or feature films, and sponsors of advertising or institutional films.

Who must deposit ?

French films (and French co-productions) : the producer
Foreign films : the distributor
Advertising and institutional films : the sponsor/advertiser

What must be deposited ?

Feature films :

an interim print element or new positive copy the filmed advertisement the publicity material (poster, flyer, commercial photos, press dossiers)

Short films :

one positive copy of perfect quality

Exemptions from legal deposit obligation: foreign or institutional films distributed in France in less than six copies, by statement of the distributor or sponsor

When to deposit ?

Feature films :

deadline of one month from the first exhibit

Short films :

deadline of six months from the date of the exhibition licence.

All deposits must be accompanied by a deposit form duly completed by the depositor.