CNC 2011 Stocktaking

Présentation du Bilan 2011, Cannes 22 mai 2012

Eric Garandeau, president of the CNC, presented the CNC's annual report to professionals in the field at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes on Tuesday, 22 May 2012. Aurélie Filippetti, the Minister of Culture and Communication, was present. Eric Garandeau warmly welcomed and congratulated the new Minister of Culture and outlined the main projects achieved by the CNC in recent years.

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 Eric Garandeau took this opportunity to state: “I would like to hail the exceptional vitality of French cinema, which is the fruit of our film directors’ talent and is supported by a continually-modernized powerful public policy.”

The annual report takes stock of the main economic trends in the cinema and audiovisual sectors. It addresses the following topics:
-         Increases in household spending on audiovisual programs
-         The number of cinema tickets sold in the European Union
-         Cinema attendance in France
-         Average cinema attendance rates
-         The number of tickets sold to French films abroad
-         The number of previously unreleased films shown in cinemas
-         The record level of French cinema production
-         The number of active screens in France
-         The percentage of digitally-equipped cinemas
-         The number of videos watched on catch-up TV
-         The decline in the physical video market
-         The number of films shown on terrestrial television
-         The volume of audiovisual production
Contact :
Ingrid Raison
Tel. Paris: 01 44 34 13 61
Tel. Cannes: 04 92 99 82 69
Mobile: 06 86 20 35 34

Eric Garandeau, president of the CNC

Aurélie Filippetti, Minister for culture and communications
Photo : Agence Cathy Berg / CNC

Eric Garandeau, president of the CNC and Aurélie Filippetti, Minister for culture and communications

Photo : Agence Cathy Berg / CNC