press release : World Cinema Support Scheme, 22 May 2012

World Cinema Support

CNC's World Cinema Support Scheme officially opened on Thursday, May 3rd 2012. A successful initial call for applications was launched on 3 May with nearly 90 applications from 45 countries. This includes 60 for the first college, which is reserved for films that are a director's first or second project and is managed by the Institut Français. An additional 27 applications were filed with the second college, which is reserved for experienced directors and managed by the CNC.

In addition to financial aid, the World Cinema Support Scheme is a unique service provided to directors from around the entire world. Its purpose is to make an association between foreign directors and French professionals more open, attractive, and simple, with a view to co-producing works that contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity.

The origin of the film project applications was extremely diverse for both colleges, with all the continents represented: 16 from Europe, 15 from Latin America, 14 from the Near and Middle East, 12 from Central and Eastern Europe, 10 from Asia, 7 from Sub-Saharan Africa, and 7 from Northwest Africa.

The World Cinema Support Scheme extends the CNC’s most symbolic aid scheme, the “advance on earnings”/recoupable cash advance, created by André Malraux, to international co-productions. It is a major instrument for helping directors from all different countries fulfill their cinema dream,” said Eric Garandeau, president of the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée.
“I am delighted with the success of this first call for applications, which has demonstrated true interest in the fund, in particular that of young directors from all over the world. This fully complies with the Institut Français’ mission of helping new talents, following the example of the Cinémas du Monde Pavilion in Cannes with the selection of young directors from the Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde,” said Xavier Darcos, president of the Institut Français.
Co-managed by the CNC and the Institut Français, the World Cinema Support Scheme is a selective fund to be granted to directors from all different countries who present a feature-length film project with definite artistic ambitions and an original view of the world, and who cannot find the necessary funding in their own country. The fund’s total budget in 2012 is of 6 million euros.
The funding committee is made up of French and foreign professionals including Dora Bouchoucha (Tunisia), Santiago Amigorena (Argentina), Nader Takmil Homayoun (Iran), Svetlana Novak (Serbia), Nadia El Fani (Tunisia), Alain Gomis (Senegal), Nguyen Trong Binh (Vietnam), Carmen Castillo (Chile), Lamia Chraibi (Morocco).

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