Television directorate

The Audiovisual section is in charge of drawing up and implementing financial support for the audiovisual programme industry (COSIP: the audiovisual support fund).

It allocates funding to :

  • production
  • development
  • writing
  • pilot programmes
  • the promotion of French programmes abroad

Works that receive funding must belong to one of the following categories :

  • fiction
  • animation
  • documentary
  • live entertainment
  • magazines of essentially cultural interest

This section also finances documentaries dedicated to popular music, in partnership with the FCM (musical creation fund) and the DMDTS (the Ministry of Culture and Communication's music, dance, theatre and entertainment department).

In addition, the section works with the Media Development department and the Television Council on drafting regulations governing television channels.

The programme industry support department is in charge of managing the audiovisual support fund (COSIP) :

  • automatic and selective funding for the production and development of projects involving fiction, animation, documentary, magazines, live show coverage and video music works designed for the terrestrial, cable and satellite television channels received in France
  • selective funding for the writing and development of innovative programmes for television    (audiovisual innovation fund)
  • approval of SOFICA* investments in audiovisual production
  • support for programme exports through the allocation of funding to dubbing, subtitling, trailers, catalogue publishing and the promotion of French productions via collective actions, such as the "France" stand on the markets and commercial canvassing trips, organised by TV France International
  • the management of international co-productions, including with Canada and Australia, which are linked to France through reciprocal agreements.

* film and television industry finance companies