Organisation chart

General Management

Dominique Boutonnat

  • Adviser to the President for speeches and contributions 

Deputy General Management
Olivier Henrard

Film directorate

Lionel Bertinet

Director's deputy
Catherine Verliac

Director's deputy
Rafaèle Garcia 

Theatrical release department
Marie-Laure Douet

Exhibition license and classification department
Pierre Chaintreuil

Exhibition department
Corentin Bichet

Production and distribution support department

Production and distribution selective schemes department

Audiovisual directorate

Amélie Leenhardt

Deputy director
Alice Delalande

Fiction and animation department

Documentary support department
Anne d’Autume

Audiovisual adaptations of performing arts department
Bambou Nguyen

Directorate of Territorial Policy/Policies

Laurent Vennier

Deputy director
Daphné Bruneau

Territorial Cooperation department
Fanny Busson

Public department
Léa Luret

Professional Support department
Perrine Vincent

Film heritage directorate

Laurent Cormier

Deputy director / Head of collections
Béatrice de Pastre

Documentary analysis and processing department
Patrice Delavie

Hygiene, security and environment department
Patrick Khafif

Laboratory / Restoration department
Simone Appleby

Collection access, development and enrichment department
Eric Le Roy

General administration department

Inventory, conservation and logistics department
Nicolas Caïssa

Directorate of European and international affairs

Jérémie Kessler

Deputy director
Michel Plazanet

Julien Ezanno

Digital directorate

Pauline Augrain

Deputy director - "Business"
Arnaud Roland

Deputy director - Organization and information services
Cédric Lange

Territorial Delegate - France 2030
André Santelli

Attractiveness department
Daphné Lora

Technical industries and innovation department
Anouk Deiller

Digital creation department
Olivier Fontenay

Video department
Laetitia Facon-Soret

Organization and information services department
Céline Souleyreau

General secretariat

Secretary general
Leslie Thomas

Deputy Secretary general
Agnès Toullieux

Personnel and human resources department
Damien Landrini

Inspection department
Lydie Curlier

General services
Hélène Blondeau

Film and television registers services
Caroline Jeanneau

Communication directorate

Sarah Drouhaud

Deputy director
Ariane Nouvet

Press officer
Vivien Plagnol

Financial and legal directorate

Vincent Villette

Deputy director
Patricia Belluire

Deputy director in charge of European and multilateral affairs
Aurélie Champagne

Budget department
Arthur Nguyen

Legal and regulatory affairs department
Emilie Gaillard

Financing department
Nassim Collignon

Research, statistics and forecast department

Cécile Lacoue

Deputy director
Sophie Jardillier

State supervision

General economic and financial control manager
Romuad Gilet

General economic and financial control manager
Jean-Claude Hulot

Accounting office

Accounting officer
Yves Damé


Laurence Franceschini