ACM Distribution

ACM Distribution

ACM Distribution is a fund intended to support and promote the distribution and international circulation of films co-produced between a European country and a non-European country. This program received the support of the Creative Europe - MEDIA Program of the European Union.

  • Sector : Cinema - International
  • Phase of action : Distribution
  • Type of support : Animation, Fiction, Documentary, Feature film, VoD
  • Type of support : Call for projects
  • Applicant : Distributor, Worldwide sales agent, Producer

Next call for projects

Next call for projects is open until September 22nd, 2023.

So far, 64 films were supported and distributed in 57 different territories, not only in Europe but in North America, South America, Asia and North Africa, through 305 theatrical releases and 295 VoD releases.

The latest films supported are the following: La Dernière Reine by Adila Bendimerad and Damien Ounouri, Totem by Lila Avilés and Trenque Lauquen by Laura Citarella.

Important information - ACM Distribution reform

  • ACM Distribution is now open to all co-productions between a MEDIA and a non-MEDIA country respecting the % rules: The MEDIA co-producer's contribution must be included between 20% and 70% for all feature films.
  • The grant level cannot outreach 60 000 € per project.
  • A minimum of 3 partners and maximum 6 should be part of the coordinated distribution strategy.
  • French distributors can not be part of the application.
  • Distributors from coproduction countries are accepted if their territory is included in the sales agreement. The chain of rights must be respected.


Results of the last session

La Dernière Reine by Adila Bendimerad and Damien Ounouri (Algeria)

Support of 60 000 € for distribution in the following territories:  Brazil ; Italy ; Middle-East ; Spain ; Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Coordinator : The Party Film Sales (France)


Totem by Lila Avilés (Mexico)

Support of 58 000 € for distribution in the following territories:  Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands) ; Italy ; Germany ; Spain ; United-Kingdom and Eire.

Coordinator : Alpha Violet (France)


Trenque Lauquen by Laura Citarella (Argentina)

Support of 50 500 € for distribution in the following territories:  Italy ; Spain ; United-Kingdom and Eire ; USA and Canada.

Coordinator : Luxbox (France)




ACM Distribution logo

For every film supported by ACM Distribution, the label hereunder must be appear in the film credits, as follows :

  • the ACM Distribution logo combined with the CNC and MEDIA logos in the opening credits ;
  • the ACM Distribution logo, combined with the CNC and MEDIA logos in the end credits, followed by the words "With the support of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée and the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme"

The 3 logos must also appear on all printed promotional elements (film posters, invitations, etc) printed after the grant has been allocated, and under the same conditions (in particular in terms of size) as those of the other logos.

> Download the ACM Distribution logo (zip)

> Download the user guide of ACM Distribution label (pdf)

> Download the CNC logo

> Download the Creative Europe – MEDIA logo

Committee members


  • Mr Jérôme Paillard

Regular members

  • Ms. Charlotte Boucon
  • Ms. Birgit Kemner
  • Mr Mathias Noschis
  • Mr Patrick Sibourd

Alternate members

  • Mr François-Nicolas Descombes
  • Ms. Laurence Gachet
  • Ms. Caroline Ghienne
  • Mr Nicolas Leprêtre

Next Commissions


Next call will open on: July, 10th 2023
Submission deadline: September, 22nd 2023
Committee : November 2023


First call will open on: January, 8th 2024
Submission deadline: March 1st , 2024
Committee: Avril 2024

Please send your application to Manon


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