CNC at Series Mania 2023

CNC at Series Mania 2023

16 March 2023

The CNC will be at the Series Mania Festival, to take place from 17 to 24 March 2023.

The CNC stand at the Series Mania Forum

Lille Grand Palais - Delegates Hall (level 1)
Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 March: 
8h00 - 19h00 
Thursday, 23 March 8 am - 6.30 pm 


Events co-organised by the CNC:

Tuesday, 21 March

DEENTAL residency pitch

4 pm to 5 pm | Room 3.2 
The DEENTAL series workshop, launched by the CNC DEENTAL-ACP programme, with the financial cooperation of the European Union and support from the organisation of ACP States, and the Series Mania and Fespaco festivals, is a new professional workshop for authors and producers from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. 

French-Israeli co-writing residency pitch

5.15 pm to 6 pm | Room 3.2

The Israel-France Co-Writing Residency is a programme initiated by the CNC (Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée), for France and the GMFF (Gesher Multicultural Film Fund), for Israel, in cooperation with the Israeli Writers’ Guild, The Israeli Producers’ Association and the French Embassy in Israel. Series Mania is one of the leading partners in this initiative. Five series projects led by a team of at least two screenwriters, one from Israel and one from France, were selected to encourage fruitful collaboration between screenwriters from these two countries and stimulate international co-productions. 

Wednesday, 22 March 

Meetings addressing the challenge Write your series!

1 pm to 2 pm | Tripostal 
Attending the festival, the groups of high school students participating in the Write Your Series! challenge hold discussions with scriptwriters and the sponsor of season 2 of the challenge, the comedian Axel Auriant. 

Accelerating creative collaborations with the CNC 

4.15 pm to 5 pm | Salle 3.2 

Over the years, CNC has partnered with international institutions and events to create tailor-made programmes designed to encourage creative collaboration and promote the emergence of new voices. Learn about these initiatives.
Led by Louis Bonneau, the Audiovisual Innovation Assistance Fund (FAIA) project manager, CNC 

The CNC will also take part in the following discussions

Tuesday, 21 March 

Defend European intellectual property!

11.15 am to 12.15 pm | Louis Pasteur Theatre 

Round table organised by CEPI, USPA and SPI Retaining intellectual property is a real challenge and an essential one for independent producers, but also for the heart of our European cultural sovereignty. Intellectual property is the tangible asset and economic value of our European culture! However, because of an inadequate legal framework, audiovisual works produced in Europe are described as “European”, regardless of where their intellectual property is located. As a result, many prominent European works aired on video-on-demand platforms actually have their intellectual property established in the United States or other parts of the world.

While Europe has a strong political objective of promoting European cultural diversity, the lack of a requirement to locate intellectual property in the definition of European works creates a void which our cultural assets slip through and allows foreign undertakings to take greater control over European productions via order placement, to the detriment of our independent production sector. The aim of this panel is to examine the strategic role of intellectual property in Europe and for independent producers, as well as its long-term consequences on cultural sovereignty.

A discussion moderated by Mathilde Fiquet, General Secretary, CEPI With lead speakers:

  • Marie Callery, International Director – Producer, SHINAWIL (Ireland)
  • Jérémie Kessler, Director of European and International Affairs, CNC (France)
  • Nora Melhy, Managing Director, Alef One (France)
  • Alice Willison, Producer, Rhapsody Film (Australia)

Thursday, 23 March 

Take into account the impact of our productions to best effect: with what tools?

2 pm to 2.50 pm | Théâtre Louis Pasteur

Round table organised by Series Mania 

The change we are going through is primarily about reducing our own impact. While the European audiovisual profession affirms a genuine desire to harmonise in order to better calculate and reduce its carbon footprint, the challenge remains immense. Where point have we reached at the start of 2023? What are the needs of producers and broadcasters to meet this transformation imperative? Above all, how can we respond collectively? 

Session moderated by Marjorie Paillon, journalist, producer, presenter

With lead speakers:

  • Laura Cotta Ramosino, creative executive, Cattleya (Italie)
  • Ingrid Daae, Chair, Monster (Norway)
  • David Donoghue, Chairman, Screen Producers Ireland
  • Susan Neuman-Baudais, Executive Director, Eurimages (France) 
  • Leslie Thomas, General Secretary, CNC (France)