US Filmmaking in France: Living The French Experience

US Filmmaking in France: Living The French Experience

14 November 2023
Le Mont-Saint-Michel
Pascal Biomez

As France is investing to double its filmaking capacity, Film France - CNC is hosting a half-day event in Los Angeles, in partnership with Variety and Villa Albertine, to showcase the benefits and incentives of shooting films and TV shows in France.
November 14th, 2023 - 9am to 12pm PST

France offers unique assets, blend of creativity, infrastructures, and fiscal incentive that makes it a preferred choice for filming and making VFX.

The event features a series of conversations with directors, producers, and executives who have recently filmed in France and offers a unique opportunity to bring together talented French professionals and Hollywood decision-makers to foster relationships and bring more international productions to France.

Attending studios, VFX studios, production service companies:

Film Studios and Soundstages

Provence Studios

A one stop shop for filming in the south of France. Provence Studio has been chosen as the setting to produce the premium series The Serpent Queen for Starz as well as portions of Warner Bros’ The Nun 2. The studios have also been awarded the Ecoprod label thanks to all the actions carried out to preserve the environment. In addition to over 15 soundstages, Provence Studios has also stepped into the future of production with its 10 800 sq ft LED studio The Next Stage. Numerous backlots are part of the studios, such as a jailhouse or a runway for car stunts. Currently located in Martigues in the Provence region, Provence Studios will expand to two new locations in the same area, in Marseille and Port de Bouc.

Studios de la Montjoie

Studios de la Montjoie, the closest studio to Paris, right by the subway and 10 minutes away from Montmartre. The complex comprises 7 soundstages (from 4 300 to 14 000 sq ft) and is currently building a standing set replica of a typical Parisian apartment. The studios also own a significant inventory of LED walls and offer a wide range of practical locations. Thanks to its expertise providing prep office spaces, costumes and set building workshops, the company is hosting over 100 projects per year. The studios have welcomed many scripted productions, such as the upcoming Apple TV+ series Franklin, Netflix's Lupin Part 3 and projects for Disney+, Pathé and Amazon.


Your best filming partner in France. Founded in 1979, TSF is the first full-service equipment rental house in France. TSF offices based in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier and Brussels offer the broadest and latest range of film & digital cameras, lighting and grip equipment. TSF supported Mission Impossible 6, Emily In Paris season 4, The Gray man, John Wick 4 and The last Duel. Already operating 43,000 sqft of soundstages, TSF is opening a 5 acres Backlot of permanent Parisian streets, also adding 12 new soundstages (total 190,000 sqft) to open in 2025. The studios welcomed the shooting of Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix) at its Epinay studios.

V Studio

V studios, a state-of-the-art production facility in the south of France. In the past five years, V studio has developed an innovative filming facility of over 170 000 sq ft in Vendargues. The studio has become an extraordinary state-of-the-art production tool, which includes impressive postproduction and VFX services through its investments in the visual effects company Les Tontons Truqueurs (LTT). The studio includes 3 soundstages and one “virtual” soundstage with an LED screen, as well as more than 20 standing sets (prison cell, hospital, beach bar, school…). In addition, V Studios can provide production service solutions to foreign productions wishing to shoot in their production facility.

VFX and VR

Atlas V

A new curiosity for a new medium. Atlas V immersive projects span genres and formats from non-fiction, to Virtual live performance, animation and multiplayer interactive experiences. With each new challenge Atlas V has synthesized knowledge from a vast and ever-expanding variety of production environments into a modular and adaptable methodology. Atlas V’s recent works include Spheres (co-produced with Daren Aronofsky), Evolver (co-produced with Terrence Mallick), Gloomy Eyes (co-produced with Ryot Studios), Madrid Noir (co-produced with Meta) and Wallace and Gromit VR for Meta.

The Yard

The Yard is a French VFX studio dedicated to Film and Episodic. The Yard is an independent creative VFX studio created by Laurens Ehrmann dedicated to features film and episodic television. The Yard gathers top visual effects artists with a proven track-record working for the most renowned international studios. The VFX studio has recently worked on Indiana Jones 5 (Disney), The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon) and The Grey Man (Netflix). With experience in all stages of production, from concept through planning, photography and post-production, their team develops tools and talents to provide creative expertise that meets national and international market requirements. With approved vendor status and infrastructure for 200 artists, they are expanding into ever more ambitious projects.

Mac Guff

Mac Guff, your innovative VFX studio for creative solutions. Mac Guff is a Paris-based VFX & animation studio founded in 1986. The company merges artistry with cutting-edge tech, working with directors like Luc Besson, Gaspard Noé, Jia Zhangke, Louis Letellier, or Alexandre Aja. From Contact, Valerian, and Titane (Palme d’or Cannes 2021) to Despicable Me, Mac Guff contributes to platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, AMC, or Lionsgate. Its AI-driven “Face Creative Engine" revolutionizes VFX of high-quality de-aging & face replacement, winning the 2021 Cesar Academy Technical Innovation Prize, and has been extensively used on Lupin and Class Act (Netflix) and Tout Va Bien (Disney+ original). Mac Guff also excels in traditional Visual Effects.

Production Service Companies


Firstep: Your French Production Partner. Founded in 2000 by Dimitri Veret and Raphael Bénoliel, Firstep is one of the leading production services companies in Europe. With a rich history of facilitating international productions, they specialize in helping foreign filmmakers bring their movies and series to life in the captivating landscapes of France.? Firstep collaborates with all the top American and European studios and networks. Firstep's latest works include the production of Emily in Paris (Netflix), The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon S1 & S2 (AMC), John Wick 4 (Lionsgate), Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix), David Fincher’s The Killer (Netflix), Mission Impossible Fallout (Paramount), Stillwater (NBCUniversal) and many others.

Froggie Production

Filming in France made easier. Froggie Production, established in Paris in 2000, provides France-based production services for TV series and feature films. We have cultivated strong, long-term relationships with producers, companies, networks and studios based in many countries including the US, UK, and Japan. From their offices in Paris and Marseille, Froggie Production specializes in producing high production-value shoots by means of custom-tailored crews and low overhead. Froggie has worked on many American shows such as Atlanta (FX), The Veil (FX) The Good Place (Netflix), and The Diplomat (Netflix).


Peninsula, a unique, strong and exquisite French production base bringing multi-national moviemakers into France. Over the past 20 years, John Bernard has brought his film and TV producer experience to the service of a wide range of clients: Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Legendary, Columbia, Paramount TV, Lionsgate, Starz!, 20th Century Fox, HBO, Netflix, Walt Disney, Sky, Apple and the BBC. Theatrical credits include?Hugo by Martin Scorsese, Dunkirk and Inception by Christopher Nolan, Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 with Francis Lawrence, and the recently released and highly successful box-office hit The Nun 2.?Recent television projects include The Serpent Queen Seasons 1 and 2 (the Starz! /Lionsgate TV), the highly awaited The New Look (Apple), the?epic historical TV Series, Franklin (ITV/Apple) and the just released All The Light We Cannot See (Netflix).?

Gaumont Production Services

Let Gaumont be the driving force behind your next successful production in France. Gaumont is a trusted partner, offering comprehensive resources to international filmmakers and production companies looking to shoot in France. With a strong network, Gaumont Production Services offers unrivaled expertise, local knowledge, and exceptional service who will make France an ideal destination for filmmakers. The team has an in depth understanding of the French Tax Incentive process, ensuring that your production takes full advantage of the financial benefits offered by this program. Gaumont Production Services values collaboration, transparency, efficiency, and guaranteeing a smooth experience with a French touch.

Film Commissions

Film France - CNC

The one-stop shop for filming in France. Film France-CNC, the French film commission, department of the CNC (the French National Centre of Cinema), supports foreign productions and individuals preparing to film in France through a range of free services including expertise on the Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP), understanding of the French regulations (permits and visas), connection to local Film Commissions and professionals, assistance with location scouting, shoots, animation, VFX and postproduction work in France.