Welcome to the Film France-CNC Pavilion in Cannes, meet our network of local film commissions and partners

Welcome to the Film France-CNC Pavilion in Cannes, meet our network of local film commissions and partners

17 May 2022
International Village Riviera
International Village Riviera

In Cannes, Film France/CNC has a dedicated space within the International Village where local film commissions, professional and institutional partners, as well as VFX studios and locations are represented and available to meet accredited professionals looking for information and advice to preapre their projects in France.

Film France CNC

Film France/CNC provides free assistance with financing your project in France: either through coproduction and the whole public support system or the tax rebate for international production. It helps you contact the appropriate agencies regarding locations, filming permits, as well as information about working as a non-EU citizen, rates, studio facilities, post-production facilities, VFX vendors, animators, suppliers and talents.



Useful information



Film commissions and local film funds



Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Film Commission
Aurélie Malfroy-Camine - a.malfroy@comfilm-rhone-alpes.fr
Vincent Kaluza – v.kaluza@clermont-filmfest.org




Burgundy and Franche Comté Film Commission
Muriel Loser – contact1@filmbfc.com




Bretagne Film Commission
Delphine Jouan – delphine.jouan@cinema.bretagne.bzh


Centre-Val de Loire


Loire Valley Film Commission – Ciclic
Pierre Dallois – pierre.dallois@ciclic.fr




Corsica Film Office
Nathalie Gresse – cpt@isula.corsica


Grand Est & Strasbourg


Grand Est Film Commission
Glenn Handley – glenn.handley@culturegrandest.fr
Strasbourg Eurometropole
Eric Vicente – eric.vicente@strasbourg.eu


French Guiana


French Guiana Film Commission
Christ-Laur Phillips – film@ctguyane.fr




Film Paris Région
Ile-de-France region
Remi Bergues – remi.bergues@chooseparisregion.org




Martinique Film Commission
Gil Zobda – batmartiniquefilm@collectivitedemartinique.mq




Normandy Film Commission
Johanne Prat – johanneprat@normandieimages.fr




Nouvelle-Aquitaine Film Commission – ALCA
Mia Billard – mia.billard@alca-nouvelle-aquitaine.Fr

Pyrenees Atlantiques Film Commission
Isabelle Breil – i.breil@tourisme64.com

Lot-et-Garonne Film Commission
Sanne Brinkhoff – sanne-brinkhoff@bat47.com

Landes Film Commission
Marine Jorda – bat40@kiozfilms.com

Dordogne Film Commission
Thierry Bordes – thierry.bordes@cine-passion24.com

Gironde Film Commission
Marie Rateau – m.rateau@gironde-toursime.com




Occitanie Film Commission
Elsa Joulin – elsa@occitanie-films.fr


French Riviera


Côte d’Azur Film Commission
Camille Feret – camille.feret@filmcotedazur.com

South of France Film Commission - Var
Michel Brussol – michel.brussol@wanadoo.fr


Atlantic Loire Valley


Pays de la Loire Film Commission
Pauline Le Floch – p.lefloch@solutions-eco.fr


Stephane Bedin – stephane.bedin@ficam.fr

SNCF (National Railway Company)
Philippe Laylle – philippe.laylle@sncf.fr

France VFX (Association)
Anne Pouliquen – anne.pouliquen@francevfx.com

Ministry of the Army
Mickaël Molinie - mickael.molinie@intradef.gouv.fr


Stand n°101 – International Village Riviera

Wednesday, May 18th


3pm-4pm – Presentation of employment figures in the Film & TV industry in Ile-de-France region by Audiens and Film Paris Region [FR]


Thursday, May 19th


10am-11am – Presentation of the SNCF (National railway company) filming office [FR]
Philippe Laylle (Head of the SNCF filming office)
Jeremie Coste (SNCF filming office)

*  *  *

3pm-4pm – “The French Experience by Film France/CNC/ French In Motion : Up to 40% Tax Rebate for International Productions” [EN]

General presentation of the 30% Tax Rebate for International Productions and the 10% VFX bonus.
Lucie Carette (Director, head of Film & TV at Villa Albertine in Los Angeles / French Embassy)
Laurie Ades (Production Support and promotion management – Film France/CNC)
Sébastien Aubert (Producer - Adastra)
Jérémy Guiraud (Producer - Lotus Entertainment)
Emily Korteweg (COO/Head of Development and Production - Watch This Ready)
Moderator: Esther Bensadon (Producer, French in Motion)


Friday, May 20th


10am-11am – Presentation of the Film and Creative Industries Mission of the French Ministry of the Army [FR]
Eve-Lise Blanc Deleuze (Head of the cinema mission and creative industries – Ministry of the Army)
Mickael Molinier (Deputy head of the cinema mission and creative industries – Ministry of the Army)
Caroline Julliard-Mourgues (Deputy head of Film France/CNC)
Moderator: Mathieu Ripka (Head of Film France/CNC)


Saturday, May 21st


3pm-4pm – Session “The Film Paris Region Experience: make the amazing possible!” by Film Paris Region and Film France/CNC [ENG]
Hélène Dudragne (Production support manager - Film Paris Region)
Raphaël Benoliel (Producer - Firstep)
Daniel Delume (Producer - HBO)
Laurie Ades (Production Support and promotion manager - Film France/CNC)

Joanna Lorblanchet (Promotion and Production Support manager – Film France/CNC)
Moderator: Ben Croll (Journalist)


Monday, May 23rd


3pm-4pm – Session “The French Experience: Coproduction & Tax Rebate for International Productions” [ENG]
Discover the many ways of working with France with a focus on Coproduction and Aide aux Cinemas du Monde scheme.
Michel Plazanet (Deputy director of European and international affairs – CNC)
Laurie Ades (Production Support and promotion manager – Film France/CNC)
Joanna Lorblanchet (Promotion and Production Support manager – Film France/CNC)
Moderator: Mathieu Ripka (Head of Film France/CNC)

CNC Beach – Plage du Gray d’Albion, Boulevard de la Croisette

Thursday, May 19th


9:45am-11:15am – International production in France, in partnership with Variety

Part 1 – France, a world class destination [ENG]
What do David Fincher, Wes Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Ridley Scott, Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, Lily Collins and Martin Scorsese all share in common? All have brought high-end shoots to France over the past decade. How has the country’s streamlined tax rebate and impressive pool of talent fueled this rise in international productions? How do French teams collaborate with visiting crews? And what makes France so attractive across every point on the value chain?

John Bernard (Producer – Peninsula Film)
Christine Raspillere (Production Director)
Moderator: Ben Croll (Journalist)

Part 2 – Why is world class VFX talent rushing back to France? [ENG]
Not too long ago, nearly 75% of students graduating from France’s top VFX schools would pursue careers abroad. Today, the majority are staying and this share is still growing. What is sending some of the industry’s finest artists – both French and foreign – back to France? The pandemic is not the only answer. Find out the real reason why.

Rachael Penfold (CEO – One of Us VFX Studio)
Emmanuel Pichereau (Creative Director and VFX supervisor – One of Us VFX Studio)
Moderator: Ben Croll (Journalist - Variety)

Film France/CNC team

Mathieu Ripka – Head of Film France/CNC

Caroline Julliard-Mourgues – Deputy head of Film France/CNC