May 2016

May 2016

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  • Year : 14/06/2016

Movie-going population barometer June 14 2016

In May 2016, the movie-going audience was mostly made up of men (56.5% compared to 55.0% in April 2016).Due to the end of the school holidays, the proportion of individuals under 15 in the movie-going audience slightly decreased (14.0% in May 2016 compared to 14.8% in April 2016). Cumulatively, over the five last months of 2016, the share of 3-14 years old reached 13.9%. The share of 15-24 years old increased in May 2016 (18.2%, compared to 17.1% in April), whereas the share of seniors decreased (28.0% compared to 28.5% in April).

The share of the upper socio-professional category slightly increased (34.6% compared to 34.2% in April 2016), whereas the share of “non-working individuals” decreased (-0,8 percentage points). This is mainly due to the share of schoolchildren, students and seniors in the movie-going audience (respectively -0,6 and -0,2 percentage points compared to April 2016).

In May 2016, the proportion of frequent cinemagoers was relatively high during weeks 21 and 22 (more than 30%). Globally, frequent cinemagoers accounted for 30.9% of moviegoers in May (compared to 28.8% in April) and occasional cinemagoers made up 12.0% (14.0% in April).