Welcome to the Film France-CNC Pavilion in Cannes!

Welcome to the Film France-CNC Pavilion in Cannes!

13 May 2024
International Village Riviera
International Village Riviera

In Cannes, Film France/CNC has a dedicated space within the International Village where local film commissions, professional and institutional partners, as well as VFX studios and locations are represented and available to meet accredited professionals looking for information and advice to prepare their projects in France.

Film France CNC

Film France/CNC provides free assistance with financing your project in France: either through coproduction and the whole public support system or the tax rebate for international production. It helps you contact the appropriate agencies regarding locations, filming permits, as well as information about working as a non-EU citizen, rates, studio facilities, post-production facilities, VFX vendors, animators, suppliers and talents.

Film France-CNC Pavilion N°101
International Village Riviera – Cannes
9.30am to 6.30pm

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Thursday, May 16th


11:00am - 12:30pm: “The Substance” or how to shoot a genre film produced by an American studio in France?

Come hear about Coralie Fargeat’s female body horror movie selected in the Official Competition, starring Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley and that was shot entirely in France.


  • Nicolas Royer, Producer, Voulez-Vous Production services
  • Pierre-Olivier Persin, visual effects designer and make-up supervisor
  • Chervin Shafaghi, VFX Supervisor, NOID[LD2]
  • Jean Miel, SFX supervisor

Moderated by Rebecca Leffler, journalist for Screen

The session will take place at the CNC beach
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Discover our program on the French Pavilion

All sessions will take place at Pavilion N°101
International Village Riviera – Cannes
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Thursday, May 16th


10:00am-11:00am: How to shoot in a railway station or on an SNCF train?
Discover the Cinema unit of the French National Railway Company

5:00pm-6:00pm - Marché du Film, Palais Stage (Palais -1)
From Telling Stories to Playing Stories| Presented by Fantastic Pavilion
This panel organized by Maquinitas will explore the similarities and differences in the way that film and video games tell stories, create characters, captivate audiences. A meditation on the convergence potential, collaborative opportunities, adaptations and exploration of both industries.


  • Samuel Castro, Director Iberseries
  • Antoine Cayrol, Co-Founder Atlas V
  • Adrien Larouzée, Head of Video Games Production & Publishing Activities ARTE France
  • Stéphane Natkin, Founder, Former Director French Graduated School of Video Games and Interactive Media
  • Jacinto Quesnel, National Director (Digital Arts Program) at Tec de Monterrey university, Promoter at Maquinitas.

Moderated by Daphné Lora, Head of Film France & Game France - CNC

Friday, May 17th


11:00am-12:00pm - Film France-CNC Pavilion N°101
Presentation of the Film and Creative Industries Mission of the French Ministry of the Army
Learn about the wide range of amazing locations the French Ministry of the Army can unlock for your productions.

4:00pm-5:00pm - Film France-CNC Pavilion N°101
Presentation of the Film and Creative Industries Mission of the French Ministry of the Interior
Learn how the French Ministry of the Interior support and advise cinema professionals.


Saturday, May 18th


11:30am-12:00pm: How to finance international productions in France?
Discover the different ways of working with France: with a Production Service Company and the international tax credit, or with a co-producer and co-production grants.


Sunday, May 19th


2:30pm-3:30pm - Marché du Film, Main Stage (Riviera)
Lifting the veil on cross-border collaborations: a France and UK Locations Masterclass
Take a look behind the scenes of The Veil, created by Steven Knight and staring Elisabeth Moss, which shot in France and UK. Hear first-hand insights from filmmakers and commissioners about the opportunities, challenges and value of working across jurisdictions, in a locations masterclass hosted by the British Film Commission and Film France


  • Adrian Kelly, UK Producer
  • Xavier Roy, Producer at Froggie
  • Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission
  • Daphné Lora, Head of Film France at CNC

Moderated by Lyndsay Duthie, Chief Executive, Production Guild of Great Britain

5:30pm-7:00pm: - Film France-CNC Pavilion N°101
Networking with France VFX
Meet the French VFX vendors in Cannes and discover all the good reasons to make your VFX in France and how to benefit from the tax rebate for international productions.

By invitation only, contact: Filmfrancecnc-cannes@cnc.fr


Monday, May 20th


3:00pm-4:00pm: How to finance international productions in France?
Discover the different ways of working with France: with a Production Service Company and the international tax credit, or with a co-producer and co-production grants.

Film France/CNC team

Daphné Lora
Head of Film France
May 15 - 22

Caroline Julliard-Mourgues
Deputy Head of Film France
May 13 - 24

Laurie Ades
Promotion and production support
May 15 - 21

Loris Bouillant
Promotion and production support
loris bouillant@cnc.fr
May 15 - 24

Carl Thierry
Tax Rebate Manager
May 17- 21


Film commissions and local film funds



Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Film Commission
Aurélie Malfroy-Camine - a.malfroy@comfilm-rhone-alpes.fr




Burgundy and Franche Comté Film Commission
Arthur Bellot - arthur@filmbfc.com

Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region
Amandine Thevenin - Amandine.Thevenin@bourgognefranchecomte.fr




Bretagne Film Commission
Delphine Jouan – delphine.jouan@cinema.bretagne.bzh
Guillaume Esterlingot – guillaume.esterlingot@bretagne.bzh




Corsica Film Office
Nathalie Gresse – cpt@isula.corsica
Angela Lucchini – Angela.LUCCHINI@isula.corsica


Grand Est & Strasbourg


Bureau des Images
Juliette Flament - juliette.flament@bureaudesimages.fr
Johann Gretke - johann.gretke@bureaudesimages.f

Grand Est Region
Murielle Famy - murielle.famy@grandest.fr

The Local Film Commission of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg
Eric Vicente – eric.vicente@strasbourg.eu
Marie Pfister – marie.pfister@strasbourg.eu




Guadeloupe Region
Rebecca Jean-Gilles Bering – rebecca.jean-gilles@regionguadeloupe.fr
Kelly Palmin – kelly.palmin@regionguadeloupe.fr




Guyana Film Commission
Christ-Laur Phillips – film@ctguyane.fr




Godefroy Vujicic - gvujicic@pictanovo.com
Fabien Jancowiak - fjankowiak@pictanovo.com
Jean-Loup Ballard - jlballard@pictanovo.com




Normandie Images
Denis Darroy – denisdarroy@normandieimages.fr
Johanne Prat – johanneprat@normandieimages.fr
Nùria Rodriguez – nuriarodriguez@normandieimage




Nouvelle-Aquitaine Film Commission – ALCA
Rachel Cordier - rachel.cordier@alca-nouvelle-aquitaine.fr
Anne-Laure Jouanne - anne-laure.jouanne@alca-nouvelle-aquitaine.fr
Nathalie Bremond - nathalie.bremond@alca-nouvelle-aquitaine.fr
Noemie Benayoun - noemie.benayoun@alca-nouvelle-aquitaine.fr

Charente Film Commission – Magelis
Pascal Lefort - p.lefort@magelis.org

Charente-Maritime Film Commission
Sandrine Zoller - bureaubat17@gmail.com

Gironde Film Commission
Marie Rateau – m.rateau@gironde-toursime.com

Lot-et-Garonne Film Commission
Hervé Bonnet – herve.bonnet@bat47.com




Occitanie Film Commission
Marin Rosenstiehl – marin@occitanie-films.fr
Maxime Beaufey – maxime@occitanie-films.fr

Gindou Cinéma
Sandrine Routtier - tournages@gindoucinema.org

Ciné 32
Audrey Celot - accueil.tournages@cine32.com


French Riviera


Côte d’Azur Film Commission
Camille Feret – camille.feret@filmcotedazur.com
Anais Crepet – anais.crepet@filmcotedazur.com

South of France Film Commission - Var
Michel Brussol – michel.brussol@wanadoo.fr




The Atlantic Loire Valley Film Commission
Pauline Le Floch – p.lefloch@solutions-eco.fr

Pays de la Loire Region
Guylaine Hass – guylaine.hass@paysdelaloire.fr

La Cité du Film
Hortense Girard – hortense@lacitedufilm.fr


Reunion Island


The Agence Film Reunion
Christophe Feing-Thiaw-Yan – christophe.feing@agencefilmreunion.com


Stephane Bedin – stephane.bedin@ficam.fr

France VFX
Yann Marchet - yann.marchet@francevfx.com

Ministry of the Army
Eve-Lise Blanc Deleuze - eve-lise-blanc-deleuze@intradef.gouv.fr
Jade Dudognon - jade.dudognon@intradefgouv.fr

Ministry of the Interior
Catherine Moreau - catherine.moreaujung@interieur.gouv.fr

Jérémie Coste - jeremie.coste@sncf.fr
Cécile Tellier - cecile.tellier@sncf.fr