Cultural promotion department

01 December 0110

This is based on two areas of activity :

The artistic education division

is in charge of actions for schools. These are carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of national education, higher teaching and research, theatrical exhibitors, territorial authorities and coordination associations.

The various programmes are :

  • "Primary schools and the cinema"
  • "Secondary schools and the cinema "
  • "High schools and the cinema"
  • Obligatory education
  • Regional centres for artistic education and training in cinema and television.

The audience development division

This division manages :

  • aids for film promotion associations
  • professional meetings/get-togethers on the stakes at issue in publicizing/spreading works
  • aid for distribution to young audiences and the distribution of heritage films
  • actions taken in the regions, federated within national programmes such as "Un été au ciné/Cinéville", "Le Mois du documentaire", and "La Journée Mondiale de l'animation"
  • distribution of the "Images de la culture" catalogue
  • participation in the various actions carried out by the Ministry of Culture for audiences with a low exposure to culture