Territorial action department

01 December 0110

This department is in charge of the conception, implementation and execution of the CNC's territorial policy.

As from 2004, this policy has been carried out via triennial, tripartite film and television development agreements signed between the State (regional préfectures/regional arts councils), the CNC and the regions.

Within this framework, the territorial action department has to

  • manage the financial budgets dedicated by the CNC as back-up to the economic action of regions in the creation and production of feature films and television programmes
  • negotiate, in liaison with the regional arts councils, agreements with the regions, their annual financial amendments and any amendments to actions stipulated in the agreement
  • monitor the execution of agreements in liaison with the regional arts councils and regions
  • assess the actions carried out with reference to agreements and suggest any necessary adaptations of action by the CNC

To ensure that it carries out this mission properly, it particularly needs to:

  • mobilise the regional arts councils' film and television councilor network
  • be a guiding force for the Regional cultural department network

In addition, the territorial action department is in charge of monitoring the deconcentration policy carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.