Film heritage directorate

It implements the heritage policy for films.

Its main mission is carried out by the CNC's French film archives, which manage the preservation, safeguarding, restoration and cataloguing of films in any format that are deposited with the CNC on a voluntary or legal basis.

As regards managing collections, the Directorate of heritage of films and film-making also works closely with the major private heritage institutions devoted to film, such as the French Cinémathèque, the French Film Library (Bibliothèque du Film), and the Toulouse film library (cinémathèque).

At a national level, it backs numerous heritage-related initiatives :

  • inventories
  • databases
  • managing national treasures
  • restoration, purchasing
  • preservation.

Finally, it participates in all international initiatives in this field (cooperation with foreign archives, legal, archival and documentary appraisal, with the major European and international organisations).


Collection access, development and enrichment department
General administration department
Inventory, conservation and logistics department
Hygiene, security and environment department
Laboratory / restoration department
Documentary analysis and processing department