Collection access, development and enrichment department

01 December 0110

It is the guarantor of the AFF policy as regards access to and development of collections, within and outside France, in close partnership with the various cultural and professional players in the cinema world :

  • rights holders
  • authors' associations
  • those depositing films

This section also deals with questions specific to the AFF collections, relating to programming and research after work on the inventory, restoration, legal research and digitisation has been previously carried out.

The collections are open to researchers, historians and cultural event programmers.
As from Autumn 2006, access and research will be intensified when a digital film database becomes available.
This can be consulted at Bois d'Arcy and in the future Paris branch of the CNC's AFF (French film archives), at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France François Mitterrand site.