Regulatory function : operating licence

30 December 2010

The companies subject to this licence are :

  • producers of feature films and short films
  • technical industries
  • film distributors
  • importers/exporters of films
  • film agents
  • cinema owners

“Under the terms of the professional regulations in force, no company belonging to any branch of the film industry may validly contract with another company in this industry if the latter does not hold a licence to operate” (art. 3 - DR no. 12 of 2/3/48).

Companies cannot obtain an operating licence if any of their directors has been barred from being a board member or general manager of a company.

Business associations (GIE) may obtain an operating licence corresponding to their registered activity. If they have been formed without capital, they may only obtain the licence if the total capital of the member companies amounts to the minimum regulatory amount required for companies in the relevant category.

Companies with variable capital may obtain a licence as long as the minimum capital stipulated in their articles of association is at least equal to the minimum capital required for each type of activity.

Cinema exhibition permit

The cinema exhibition permit is issued to the legal representative of the exhibitor, for each screen.


The screen must satisfy dimensional and qualitative standards, except for travelling exhibition or special exhibition means.