Regulatory function : professional identity cards

30 December 2010

The CIP is valid for an unlimited period. The holder of a CIP may have it under several qualifications, if they meet the conditions imposed by each one. However, they may only perform functions in a given film production under a single qualification.

Access to the CIP under the same conditions as French citizens is available to : technicians from European Union countries, technicians from other countries holding a resident’s permit.

Technicians working in the jobs listed below, on a film production, must hold the corresponding CIP card :

Feature films


  • the director
  • the first assistant director
  • the script girl or set assistant
  • the production manager
  • the assistant director
  • the photographic manager
  • the cameraman
  • the first assistant cameraman
  • the chief production designer
  • the first assistant cameraman
  • the chief cameraman or sound engineer
  • the assistant sound or boom boy
  • the chief film editor
  • the assistant film editor
  • the chief make-up artist

Short films


  • the director
  • cameraman for takes

For each function listed above the conditions under which professional cards are issued are specified in regulation no. 51 of 10 July 1964 .