Produce in France

Produce in France

22 August 2022
Emily in paris
Emily in paris Carole Bethuel/Netflix

The French Experience: unique talent, unrivalled heritage sites and natural landscapes, fascinating stories and up to 40% tax rebate.

Film in France

Film France by CNC

Film France is a permanently open door for production companies and individuals prepping to film in France. We rely on a network of over 30 local film commissions throughout the country that offer free information on locations, local crews and facilities.

Film France provides assistance with financing your project in France: Coproduction and the whole support system or the tax rebate for international production.


We also help you contact the appropriate agencies regarding locations, filming permits, as well as information concerning working as a non-EU citizen, labour rates, studio facilities, post-production facilities, VFX-vendors, animators, suppliers and talents...

Do not hesitate to come to us with your project, even in early stages!

We are present at events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlinale, as well as other fairs and professional meetings throughout the world every year. We also have a representative office in Los Angeles and are supported by the diplomatic French network around the globe.

Stillwater Focus Features

The French Experience


Top 5 reasons to work with France

France offers, more than ever, strong and cost-effective opportunities as a production base.

1. TRIP / Tax Rebate for International Production

The TRIP supports non French projects that are completely or partly made in France.
France’s latest evolution of its Tax Rebate for International Production going up from 30% to 40% on ALL eligible expenses when you spend a minimum target of 2 million euros on VFX in France.

2. Access / An unbelievable and affordable range of filming locations

France enjoys a breath-taking range of locations, from natural landscapes to iconic monuments: everything you need to bring value and style to your production. Don’t forget that Film France/CNC and its network of more than 30 film commissions can support you with that!

3. Talent / Highly trained crews

French crews contribute every year to the production of 300 French features, 5000 hours of French television shows as well as more than 1230 days of non- French projects shooting days.

4. Technology / Where Creativity meets Innovation

From world-renowned animation schools to motion capture, green screen shooting, real-time VFX and VR companies, France combines creativity, knowhow and innovation to satisfy every producer’s need

5. Studios / State of the art facilities

Top level facilities around Paris and in the South of France, including animation studios, digital labs and VFX houses that have worked on major productions such as The Last Duel, Arcane, The Serpent Queen… French crews and studios work fast with a spirit of initiative, which seduces even the most demanding directors such as Wes Anderson, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, Pablo Larrain, Stephen Frears, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, Clint Eastwood, Christopher McQuarrie, Tom MacCarthy or David Fincher.

The Last Duel
The Last Duel 20th Century Studios

Tax Rebate for international productions - TRIP


  • The tax rebate amounts to 30% of the eligible pre-tax expenditures
  • It is capped at €30 million per project
  • Eligible expenditures are taken into account at up to 80% of the total budget

Accessing French trip

The TRIP is available for companies that:

  • are subject to corporate income tax in France.
  • act as the production services company for the sequences filmed or made in France.

Companies can be specialized in servicing, or be a regular. Production company or an animation / visual effects studio, a subsidiary of the UK or US producer, a SPV, etc.

Qualifying productions

To qualify to the TRIP, a project must:

  • be a fiction film (live action or animation, feature film, TV, web, VR, short film, TV special, single or several episodes of a series, or a whole season…).
  • pass a cultural test.
  • shoot at least 5 days in France for live action production (unless VFX/post-production).

Live-action VFX projects are eligible to the TRIP provided: 15% of the shots, or on average one and a half shots per minute, are digitally processed (on the whole film). AND more that 50% of the French spend is VFX/post-production expenditures.

Minimum spend requirement

A minimum of €250K (or at least 50% of the production budget, whichever is lowest) must be spent on French qualifying expenditures.


The French Dispatch The Walt Disney Company


Film France, the French Film Commission is now located at the CNC.

Film France/ attractiveness Department
Direction du Numérique
291 boulevard Raspail - 75675 Paris Cedex 14 - France
Tel +33(0)1 44 34 34 33

Mathieu Ripka
Head of Film France

Caroline Julliard-Mourgues
Deputy head of Film France

Laurie Ades
Production Support & promotion manager
+33 1 44 34 35 68

Joanna Lorblanchet
Promotion & Production Support manager
+33 1 44 34 35 66

Carl Thierry
Tax Rebate manager
+33 1 44 34 37 71

Jérémie Dubernet-Hardy
Assistant manager


Video game

The video game industry is considered as a strategic sector for France. It benefits from significant public support schemes dedicated to the development of video games.
The French video game industry works with the industry’s most daring creators, that combine creative and technical excellence.

Microsoft Flight Simulator / developed by Asobo and published by Xbox Game Studios
Microsoft Flight Simulator / developed by Asobo and published by Xbox Game Studios Asobo-Microsoft

As 1 of Europe’s Top 3 video game industries with 5,6 billion euros turnover in 2021, France boasts more than 700 games studios assembled in leading production hubs across the country. A unique combination of industry heavyweights and independent studios supported by national bodies and local organisations.

The Video Game Tax Credit is a strong tool for the production of video games in France. It is a tax incentive scheme providing a 30% tax rebate on the total eligible expenditure directly allocated to the creation of a game.

Top 3 reasons to work in France

France offers, more than ever, strong and cost-effective opportunities as a place for the creation and development of video games.


Thanks to a network of renowned schools, our highly trained talents are reliable with a unique combination of technical and artistic expertise


More than 161 studios have benefited from the 30% tax credit


The CNC as well as a variety of national institutions such as BPI or Business France, and local organisations, can support your production work or the installation of your studio in France. Local regions also operate selective funds supporting Video Games creation in addition to national funds.

Haven / developed and published by The Game Bakers
Haven / developed and published by The Game Bakers The Game Bakers

Support provided by the CNC

  • The CNC's door is permanently open for video game companies and professionals who want to set up in France
  • The CNC relies on a network of associations, including French overseas territories, that offer free information about their territory, schools, talents and studios
  • Provides assistance with financing your project in France: either through the tax credit or the support fund for video games

Please get in touch for any international projects and we will provide support and connect you to the right people.

Deathloop / developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks
Deathloop / developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks Bethesda / Arkane Lyon


Head of Production support & promotion
Mathieu Ripka
Tel : +33 1 44 34 35 75

Production support & promotion manager for video game
Diana de Sousa Pires
Tel : +33 1 44 34 35 60