CNC publishes report on “the cinema of tomorrow"

CNC publishes report on “the cinema of tomorrow"

30 November 2016

Frédérique Bredin, President of the CNC, recently entrusted Jean-Marie Dura* with the reflective task of surveying the innovations introduced so far in cinemas in France and abroad.

"You only have to think about the cinema to be whisked away into its world", emphasises Bredin. "These proposals are like a genuine suggestion box that can be dipped into both by cinemas and public authorities."


Emerging trends:

  • The return of cinemas to town centres (like the "top-of-the-range" cinemas of England's Everyman Cinema network, or "living space" cinemas such as the Numax in Santiago de Compostela).
  • The rise of "spectacular" multiplexes such as the Vue circuit in the UK and the Gaumont Pathé multiplex inLa Valette-du-Var, France.
  • A place for new technologies (4K, HDR, HFR and laser projection, seats with environmental effects, wrap-around screens, etc.) aimed at enhancing the quality of sound and projection offered to cinema-goers.
  • The development of "the customer experience", to enable the cinema to stand out in the face of the growing appeal of home-based leisure pursuits, courtesy of new services such as "dinner in your seat" offered at cinemas like the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco and the Europacorp Cinemas multiplex in Tremblay, France.
  • A place for content other than films, like the live shows and opera developed most notably by the Pathé and UGC groups, video game competitions and virtual reality such as on the Scandinavian circuit Nordisk Film, or educational content like conferences and lectures, the museum discovery seasons offered by the MK2 group, and "bonus" content such as the online magazine launched by the Café des Images in Hérouville-Saint-Clair.



  • Facilitation of the opening of cinemas in town centres
  • The need for cinemas to forge a strong architectural identity
  • For cinemas to truly become living spaces for people and culture, and that they also encourage the transmission of knowledge
  • The creation of genuine dedicated spaces for young people, by widening the cinema's scope to encompass gaming, for instance
  • A genuine new direction in terms of e-marketing aimed at cinema-goers, with closer cooperation between distributors and operators
  • Vigilance with regard to the trend for the concentration of operation at global level and the rise in power of the Asian market
  • The report therefore recommends the reinforcement of the main national and/or European operating groups in order to guarantee a diverse cinematic offering

All of these recommendations will be studied in conjunction with the relevant professionals.

* Jean-Marie Dura, former Managing Director of UGC's European network and former Deputy CEO of Ymagis.


Download Jean-Marie Dura's report: