Consultation Meeting EFAD/CACI May 21, 2012

Consultation Meeting EFAD/CACI May 21, 2012

21 May 2012

After the two organizations were respectively introduced by Eric Garandeau and Manoel Rangel, President of ANCINE (Brazil) and Executive Secretary of the CACI, the participants held very productive discussions covering two broad topics:

  • the digitization of movie theaters; with presentations by Martin Kanzler, an analyst at the European Audiovisual Observatory, and by Marina Stavenhagen, Director General of IMCINE (Mexico) 
  •  the promotion of cultural diversity; with contributions by Susana de la Sierra, Director of the ICAA (Spain), and Manoel Rangel.

All participants showed their determination in ensuring that the digital revolution will promote rather than reduce diversity in filmmaking and film broadcasting—for all media, and particularly for younger viewers. Participants agreed to discuss these topics regularly in order to share best practices and, if necessary, speak with a common voice regarding issues that will determine the future of the film and audiovisual sectors.

Presentation of Web Portal “Aid for Southern Countries” at Cannes May 23, 2012

In partnership with the Institut Français, the CNC organized a meeting of Europe’s principal funds, such as the Hubert Bals Fund (Rotterdam), the World Cinema Fund (Berlin), and the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF). The meeting was held on May 23, 2012 to discuss aid for filmmaking in the Southern hemisphere. This meeting followed the two meetings held during the Amiens International Film Festival (Nov. 15, 2011), attended by CNC President Eric Garandeau, and at Rotterdam (Jan. 31, 2012), led by the CNC’s Director of European and International Affairs Frédéric Béreyziat.

The objective of the latest meeting was to present the pilot project of a web portal for financing film productions in the Southern hemisphere. Large, “historic” funds will participate in this collaborative web portal, including the Hubert Bals Fund (Rotterdam), the Jan Vrijman Fund (Amsterdam), the World Cinema Fund (Berlin), Open Doors (Locarno), Visions Sud-Est (Switzerland), the Fonds francophone du Sud (IOF), the FADS (Amiens), the Norwegian South Film Fund (Norway), and the Namur International French Language Film Festival. As an extension to the Fonds Sud Cinéma, which supports Southern Hemisphere films, World Cinema Support (“Aide aux Cinémas du Monde” by the CNC & the Institut Français) will participate in the implementation of the web portal.

The web portal, the creation of which was entrusted to the Amiens International Film Festival, has been supported by the CNC. The portal should ultimately collect, in one centralized location, key information that is needed to complete a film project (information on financing, on author’s rights and copyrights, regarding industry practices and training opportunities for film industry careers). A large part of the portal will be dedicated to news, which will give visibility and recognition to each of the participating international funds.

This project will represent the first joint achievement of a promising collaboration between international funds.


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