Writing grants for TV coproductions proposals

Writing grants for TV coproductions proposals

  • Sector : Audiovisual
  • Phase of action : Coproduction, Production
  • Type of support : Fiction
  • Type of support : Selective support
  • Applicant : Producer

This new grant aims at assisting screenwriters in the writing of TV series intended to become future coproductions. These grants are awarded to international teams of writers, of which at least two need to come from two different countries. The grant consists of 50 000 € and covers the writing of a pilot episode as well as the work and required organization between the different writers who may reside in different countries. The application must be written in French as well as the final work handed in to the CNC.

  • As a screenwriter, you may apply to this grant if you work with at least one other screenwriter who comes from a different country.
  • The various countries which qualify are listed HERE.
  • At least two screenwriters must testify that they have artistic experience or an artistic training/background. Two of you must fulfill at least one of the eligibility criteria listed on page 4.
  • The TV series submitted must contain an international dimension. In other words, you must prove that your proposal will require the collaboration of writers from different countries (based on the characters, the realm, the points of view, or the narrative developments you have chosen). They must be designed as organic coproductions.
  • The proposals must be TV series (duration: 26 minutes or more per episode). Short formats and one-off dramas are not eligible.
  • The proposals must not yet be signed by producers or broadcasters (option contract, copyright contract, broadcast contract etc). The purpose is to allow screenwriters to lead the creative development of ambitious projects. From the submission until the decision of the commission, the proposals cannot be simultaneously examined by broadcasters.
  • The proposals cannot have been awarded or be awarded other writing grants from the TV fund of the CNC (FAIA - aides à la création).
  • The proposals must be written in French as well as the final work handed in to the CNC. Foreign screenwriters can nevertheless translate in English some of the elements of the administrative application such as résumés (CV) or proof of eligibility.
  • The final version handed in to the CNC will contain a cost estimate of the expenses of your writing team during the development of the project (travel expenses, accommodation, workspace rental, translation etc) and the various documents proving these expenses (except for writing fees associated with the pilot episode). You have 10 months to hand in your final work to the CNC.


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