ACE 24 Workshops on Project Development and Financing

ACE 24 Workshops on Project Development and Financing

23 April 2014

Every year ACE selects 16 European producers, who are well established in their own country, to participate inits annual programme and then become members of the ACE Network. They must have produced at least onefilm, released in their country, but more often than not the producers who join the ACE Network haveproduced 4 or 5, even up to 14 features.

The 24th session of the European ACE Annual Training Programme (ACE 24, 2014‐2015) will consist, as usual,of three project‐based workshops and distance‐learning follow‐up, as needed, over the course of the year.

The 16 selected producers, invited to join the ACE programme, bring with them a feature film project indevelopment that has potential for international co‐production. A sequence of three workshops is designed toassist them in the development of their project, of their producer skills and of their professional network.

Application Deadline: 21st June, 2014

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