The National Center for Film and Moving Images (CNC), develops new means to promote the French image industry

The National Center for Film and Moving Images (CNC), develops new means to promote the French image industry

22 November 2021
France's international stature in the film, audiovisual and video game sectors has become a major strategic priority for the National Center for Film and Moving Images (CNC), as production work explodes with the development of online platforms.

Following the major "France 2030" plan announced by President Emmanuel Macron with a total of €600 million to support French production and technical know-how in the film and audiovisual industries, and the "Shock Modernization of the Production Apparatus" plan implemented in 2021, the CNC is creating a new department dedicated to promoting the attractiveness and appeal of our country, with increased human and budgetary resources that were previously operated by the Film France association, which was created at the initiative of the CNC.

This structural change, which is on an unprecedented scale, comes at the right time to make France one of the most important countries in the world for filming and digital production. We are in the process of acquiring a world-class industrial, technical and human capability, with studios that bring together the best in digital production and talent. The CNC needed a new department entirely dedicated to this strategy in order to match our ambitions.
Dominique Boutonnat, President of the CNC

Thus, the this "department of attractiveness", located in the Digital Department already in charge of supporting technical industries and managing the International Tax Credit, was born on November 1st. The new department is headed by Mathieu Ripka, who has just joined the CNC after a rich international career, notably as a producer and location manager. The work of his six-people team benefits fully from the technical and legal support provided by other CNC departments, in particular Communications, which now has dedicated resources for international development.

Most of Film France's employees have joined this department, whose main objective is to develop international outreach and to coordinate the networks involved, - in particular the network of local film commissions present throughout the country.

The new organization will shepherd new projects with an additional €800k financed by stimulus plan credits. These will include the launch of a promotion campaign from the beginning of 2022, the strengthening of our permanent representation in Los Angeles and the extension of promotional work to video games.

This strategy, which involves an unprecedented investment in our production facilities, and our know-how and talent, aims to do everything possible to make France the "great image factory" of the 21st century, the key film and audiovisual production hub of tomorrow.
Dominique Boutonnat